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Telelux kijelző Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

I would like to introduce our company, TELELUX Ltd. in the following few sentences below. The professional background of Telelux Ltd. became well known in the name Elektroinpex. This means 30 years of history. In this period of time Elekrtoimpex delivered more than 700 equipment to 42 countries in the world. Within this period of time fall the scoreboards of the Olympics of Mexico, Munich, Moscow.
Based on this professional background Telelux Ltd. established in 1992 with German Hungarian capital. Since 1994 became 100% Hungarian property.
In the last 14 years our company delivered the most scoreboards to the Hungarian sport facilities. In Hungary we are still leading the market. We delivered many types of equipment to abroad as well. We are present significantly with our scoreboards in the Russian, Romanian, Slovakian, Slovenian, Lithuanian, Polish, etc markets.
In the past 15 years we participated in more than 15 worldwide events, European and world championships.Our commercial activity is based in Budapest. Some of our equipment are built up with the use of our expertise in collaboration with permanent co-workers. Our products satisfy the needs and requirements of all kind of sport facilities.
We manufacture common gymnasium to complex arena scoreboard systems, light displays and result advertising equipment. Our term of delivery is usually 2 to 4 month starting from contract signing.
Our Scoreboard systems completely satisfies the needs of the global market. They provide the same services as the multinational companies at a lover price.
It would give us a great honour if our products could contribute to provide information to all the sportsmen and spectators at an elevated level in your establishment.

Budapest, 2006
Dr. Gyula Surányi